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Diamines and Chemicals Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1976 and commenced its production in 1982. The company has been the sole manufacturer of Ethyleneamines in Indian subcontinent for more than two decades. This plant has been set up with total indigenous R&D and expertise and is placed among the select band of 6 to 8 companies worldwide who have proprietary technology for the manufacturing of Ethyleneamines.

With the addition of new facilities in subsequent year, the company added two more products to its earlier product range viz. PIPERAZINE ANHYDROUS and PIPERAZINE Solution and has become one of the dominant suppliers of PIPERAZINE to pharmaceutical and Gas Sweetening Application industries.

Further, the Company has augmented facilities for Ethyleneamines homologues, required by various end users. Our focus on customer satisfaction is evident in years of association we have enjoyed with most of our customers.We maintain an unwavering eye on creating value for our customers; adhere to the highest norms of values and personal integrity, while demonstrating fairness and professionalism in all our transactions.

Our operating team is sensitive to the customer needs, works cohesively with the customers and is focused on building strong, healthy and long lasting business relationships based on mutual understanding and cooperation.

Diamines is catering to a large cross-section of Indian manufacturing Industry spread across a wide spectrum of Actual Users: from Bulk Drugs (Quinolones, Antihistamines) to Fungicide – Insecticide, Polyamide resins, Gas Sweetening, Chelants, Textile Auxiliaries, Water Treatment Chemicals, Paints and Adhesives, Chemical Syntheses, Lube Oil Additives, etc.

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Diamines R&D center is recognized by DSIR [Department of Science and Research, Ministry of Science and Technology].

Diamines is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification from BVC.

Diamines is also aiming to be a Responsible Care (RC) Corporate.

It's our endeavor to qualify for ISO 14001:2008 & OHSAS 18001 which should help in preserving and protecting the Environment and Human kind. Considering this philosophy Diamines has invested in Green Technology and is a proud owner of Wind Turbine Generators whereby it is contributing to power generation thro’ renewable energy sources and helps maintaining environmental equilibrium.