PRODUCT Aminoethylpiperazine
Nomenclature Amino Ethyl Piperazine
Synonyms N-Amino Ethyl Piperazine; 2-Amino Ethyl Piperazine
Molecular formula C6H15N3
CAS No. [140 - 31 - 8]
Chemical Structure
Molecular weight 129.21
Appearance Clear light yellow liquid
Assay by GC % 97.0 min
Water (by KF) Wt % 1.0 max
Packing and Storage* 195 kg HMHDPE Drums.
Transport Classification
IMDG Class 8
U.N. No 2815
Packing Group III
Hazard Label Corrosive
Applications Used as raw material for Asphalt Additives, Corrosion Inhibitors, Epoxy Curing Agent, Mineral Processing Aids, Polyamide Resins, Textile Additives, Urethane Chemicals.
* Corrodes copper and its alloys. Reacts violently with acids and chlorinated Hydrocarbons. hydrocarbons. Absorbs carbon dioxide from air. Discolors in contact with air.