Piperazine Anhydrous

PRODUCT Piperazine Anhydrous
Nomenclature Piperazine
Synonyms Hexahydropyrazine, Diethylenediamine,
1,4 Diazacyclohexane
Molecular formula C4H10N2
CAS No. [110-85-0]
Chemical Structure
Molecular weight 86.1
Appearance White flakes
Assay by GC % 99.7 min.
Water (by KF) Wt % 0.5 max.
Color (APHA) 50 max. (20% solution)
Packing and Storage* 50 kg Fiber Drums with double polyethylene liners inside
Transport Classification
IMDG Class 8
U.N. No 2579
Packing Group III
Hazard Label Corrosive
Applications Used as a raw material for the manufacture of quinolone drugs like Ciprofloxacin and Norfloxacin. Also used in manufacture of other drugs like Anti-helmintics, Sedatives, Antihistamines, Antifilarials, Tranquilizers, and Analgesics. Used for speciality chemicals and polymeric products like corrosion inhibitors, photographic chemicals, wetting agents, polyamides, rubber auxiliaries and hardener for epoxy resins and Gas sweetening.
* Corrodes copper and its alloys. Reacts violently with acids and chlorinated Hydrocarbons. hydrocarbons. Absorbs carbon dioxide from air. Discolors in contact with air.