PRODUCT Triethylenediamine
Nomenclature Triethylenediamine
Synonyms 1,4-Diazabicyclo [2.2.2] octane; DABCO Crystal
Molecular formula C6H12N2
CAS No. [280-57-9]
Chemical Structure
Molecular weight 112.17
Appearance White to light Yellow solid, Hygroscopic
Assay by GC % 99.7 min
Water (by KF) Wt %
Color (APHA) White to off-white
Viscosity at 40 °C;cst
Packing and Storage* 25 kg fiber drum with special liner inside
Transport Classification
IMDG Class 8
U.N. No 2925
Packing Group III
Hazard Label Corrosive
Applications Used extensively as a catalyst to promote both gelling and blowing reactions in the production of flexible, semi-rigid and rigid polyurethane foams, as well as, elastomers and adhesives. It is also used in polyurethane coating applications. Also used as a raw material for manufacture of agro-chemicals like herbicide and also in organic synthesis as acid absorber. TEDA is also available in solutions of dipropylene glycol and ethylene glycol.
* Corrodes copper and its alloys. Reacts violently with acids and chlorinated Hydrocarbons. hydrocarbons. Absorbs carbon dioxide from air. Discolors in contact with air.